Product development

ABACAAR product development process consists of the sequence of activities used to draft, design, and manufacture a product. The main steps of the development are:  
  • Planning – Definition of the development process objectives, starting from technological progress and market goals
  • Concept Design – Assessment of client’s requirements, execution of Product Concepts and choice of preferred solution for the next step
  • System design – Definition of product architecture, focusing on components and sub-components
  • Detailed design – Definition of specific characteristics for the single components of the products, and technological inputs for manufacturing
  • Prototyping and optimization – Manufacture product prototypes for aesthetic/geometric/functional control, pointing out necessary modifications and improvements
  • Start of production – Official release of the product in its final configuration, to start the production

How ABACAAR operates in product development

ABACAAR supports the client during the whole product development activity, from concept design to modification implementations in order to manufacture the product and its release for production, including customized structural analyses if necessary.

In particular, ABACAAR operates in the design of the following fields:

  • Body In White – Study and design of chassis, body and subgroups for automotive, agricultural, industrial and commercial vehicles fields; ABACAAR proposes turnkey solutions, using the most appropriate CAD software.
  • CAE – ABACAAR provides structural calculations and static or dynamic simulations of components and complete systems for several fields.
  • Trims – Study and design of internal and external trims, development of systems, subsystems and components, also in codesign mode together with the components suppliers
  • Cost Engineering – Use of iteration cycle/Design to cost/Benchmarking approach to define the minimum cost of both investment and product

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ABACAAR offers its customers high-profile skills through consulting activities and in-house development of complete turnkey projects.
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ABACAAR is an engineering service company specialized in specifications drafting, design, prototyping, and validation of electric and electronic systems.
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Aerospace engineering

ABACAAR offers competent personnel able to work on specific projects executed at the client’s site or at ABACAAR’s offices.
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