Process Engineering

Process Engineering relates to various competence fields, from mechanics to aerospace and obviously automotive, and studies the various conversion processes of raw materials into manufactured products.

Process Engineering focuses on defining, designing, checking, and optimizing industrial processes that are taking place inside production plants.

Process Engineering requires several tools and methods since processes need to be simulated and modeled according to the exact nature of the system and framework, using the product’s CADs and necessary software.

The goal, in particular, is to optimize the production process, taking into account the conditions and constraints that guarantee their economical, environmental, and social sustainability.

How ABACAAR operates in Process Engineering

What applies to all engineering fields, also applies to process engineering: research the best technical and economical solutions, follow regulations and quality and safety standards.

Necessary foundations are laid for robust and efficient work flows.

ABACAAR studies every plant in relation to the client’s requirements, compatible with economic, operative, and design conditions, always following safety criteria given by the regulations.

ABACAAR offers services regarding process engineering that spans throughout the whole project, starting from the analysis of the elements during the product development phase, to control simulations and validation of solutions of choice, and to support during the integration and commissioning phases of the equipment.

In these areas, ABACAAR carries out the following activities:


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