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We are an Artificial Intelligence Company.

ABACAAR is a service company, founded in 2016, aimed at delivering a large range of high-quality engineering activities on the international market.

The perfect balance between customer satisfaction, people growth, and the remuneration of the investors, is probably the main success factor of the company.

Our reference market is the engineering services for the industrial sector with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The addressed market is also the manufacturing industry, focusing on the mechanical and electronic marketplace.

The ABACAAR services include all activities from product design to industrialization, from production engineering to design of production tools, assistance, and start-up of complete assembly plants and vehicles.

The high professionalism of our consultants is the main leverage of our growth.

The accurate financial management of the company is the biggest safety for our investors.



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We are a strong force in multiple engineering areas

Our innovations utilize advanced data sources and artificial intelligence technologies. ABACAAR D.O.O. acts as a bridge between breakthrough science and the industry by transforming the latest developments into value-generating solutions.

In Cabine Sensing
Infotainment Validation
Battery Management System


In Cabine Sencing

Development of software for contactless control of
in-cabin monitoring system and interaction with the drivers of passenger cars. Developed application for gesture control, eye tracking, face recognition, seat belt fasten detection, and other in-cabin autonomous functions.


Infotainment Validation

Validation of Instrument Planner Cluster software functionality by utilizing Vector’s CANalyzer and DIanalyzer support. Implementation of artificial intelligence algorithm in order to optimize the validation process.


Battery Management System

Algorithms for Battery Management Systems Specialization. Implementation different State-of-Health and State-of-Charge estimation methods evaluation of their relative merits. Implementation of artificial intelligence algorithm for prediction of future battery behavior.

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