Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the fourth step of the industrial revolution, which lead to the so-called “smart factories” of today: while the third industrial revolution was about plants automation that would save time, human resources, and cost, the objective of Industry 4.0 is to “automate this automation”.

The main pillar of Industry 4.0 is the new relation between the physical and digital world: this new bond leads to cyber-physical systems (CPS). Industry 4.0’s goal is to use this CPS to improve industrial and distribution processes, reach higher efficiency and introduce new products and services, impossible today due to limitations in the use of technology. Bringing together these two worlds is very complicated; interfaces are being studied to reach this goal through Machine 2 Machine communication and continuous Machine Learning.

ABACAAR supports its clients by integrating Industry 4.0 vision, dedicating its resources to developing products and processes that allow the clients to adjust to this market revolution.

The main activities carried out by ABACAAR are:


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ABACAAR offers its customers high-profile skills through consulting activities and in-house development of complete turnkey projects.
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ABACAAR is an engineering service company specialized in specifications drafting, design, prototyping, and validation of electric and electronic systems.
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Aerospace engineering

ABACAAR offers competent personnel able to work on specific projects executed at the client’s site or at ABACAAR’s offices.
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