Electronic design

Today’s world is characterized by continuous technological evolution. There are several new trends in the industrial world, for example, the Internet-of-Things, Industry 4.0, and the sustainability concept with all its ramifications.

In addition to this there are also strong modifications affecting lifestyle, as e-mobility, smart homes and cities, smart medicine, etc.

All of this generates a strong demand for a new generation of electronics that can respond to new and more complicated requirements. Many of these requirements are related to technological topics like mobility, connectivity, energetic efficiency, robustness, and high-speed data transmission.

In this context, electronic engineering is fundamental to tackling complex challenges in the development of integrated boards with innovative architectures.

The main phases at the base of electronic design are as follows:

How ABACAAR operates in Electronic Design

ABACAAR offers highly qualified engineering services to support the design, development, integration, and validation of electronic control devices and systems.

Always up to speed with technological progress and know-how, thanks to a consolidated experience and professionalism, ABACAAR develops directly can support the development of industrial products, IoT, test and measurement instruments, consumer electronics, and power electronics.

The professional competencies of ABACAAR engineers and consultants allow the company to offer highly qualified support to its clients, mainly for the following:

  • Design, development, integration of electronic devices and systems – Analysis of requirements and specifications definition, integration and in-vehicle systems, diagnostics.
  • Validation and testing – Validation and functional testing of cluster/infotainment and electronic and/or mechanical subsystems, including direct support during prototyping manufacturing phase.
  • Hybrid/electric traction and ADAS – Definition of specifications and functional requirements, support during development and validation, complete development of devices (e.g: BMS – Battery Management System).

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ABACAAR offers its customers high-profile skills through consulting activities and in-house development of complete turnkey projects.
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ABACAAR is an engineering service company specialized in specifications drafting, design, prototyping, and validation of electric and electronic systems.
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Aerospace engineering

ABACAAR offers competent personnel able to work on specific projects executed at the client’s site or at ABACAAR’s offices.
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