Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a digital technology able to disrupt traditional industrial production processes, consisting of digitalization of the manufacturing process thanks to continuous dialogue between computers and production plants. Additive Manufacturing is defined as a production technique that allows the manufacturing of products from the creation and subsequent addition of layers of material. It…

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Engineering Consulting for Railway field In the railway field, ABACAAR can support its clients in the development of products or sub-systems, especially regarding the carriage and its components and trims. For what concerns the infrastructures, ABACAAR has significant competence in rail signaling systems and rail management systems, TLC systems, superstructures, electric powertrains, mechanical and electro-mechanical…

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Agriculture and Industrial vehicles

Engineering consulting for Agriculture and Industrial vehicles ABACAAR is able to offer its clients important knowledge and skills, gained by its experts and technicians through extensive experience in the Industrial vehicles design field, spanning from light, mid and heavy-duty vehicles to cabs and internal/external trims development. In the Agricultural vehicles field, ABACAAR is executing important…

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Aerospace engineering consulting For the aerospace field, engineering consulting services are the simplest way for the industry companies to expand their internal teams with technicians who can support design activities regarding both structural parts and electronic parts, let it be on-board electronics or on land infrastructures. ABACAAR offers competent personnel able to work on specific…

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Electronic Engineering Consulting ABACAAR was founded in 2016 and has been part of the CAAR group, focused on electronic engineering and electric systems. ABACAAR is an engineering service company specialized in specifications drafting, design, prototyping, and validation of electric and electronic systems. ABACAAR stands out because of its highly skilled personnel, composed of engineers and…

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Engineering consulting for Automotive The automotive market is continuously evolving, as testified by the advancements in electrification and autonomous driving (ADAS) fields, and it constantly requires more resources, which subsequently pushes the engineering field towards evolution as well as allows it to grow. Usually, all producers and their suppliers develop only a part of their…

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